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Bytown Technology Group is a partnership of senior software, hardware and industrial design experts formed to better serve the product development requirements of our customers.  Collectively we have a long and extensive track record of successful projects spanning many niches from medical devices and consumer electronics to defense and automotive.


Whether you're starting something new or need help with parts of a project already on the go, get in touch - maybe we can help.

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Core Team

Peter Van Der Veen – CTO / Software Architect

Peter has decades of experience making the toughest sort of systems software work, and digs into just about anything going. Prior to Bytown, Peter held the position of chief architect at QNX Software Systems. He was involved in all aspects of the design and development of their products from kernel, device drivers, subsystems, middle-ware, to development tools.

Steve McPolin – Lead System Designer

Steve has over 20 years working experience designing, developing and delivering system software targeting everything 8 bit mpus to 64 bit by 64-way multiprocessors. Holding Research and Development positions in companies including RACAL, Sun Microsystems and QNX, Steve has delivered system level code ranging from drivers to kernels, instrumentation to tools, protocols to file systems. Most recently, Steve has been providing freelance software development services in the arenas of storage, communications, graphics and consumer electronics.

Shaun Sauve – Senior Systems & UI Engineer, Project & Business Lead

Shaun has been a software consultant for more than a decade, prior to which he worked a steady gig at QNX Software Systems. He's had his fingers in all kinds of projects since; from writing micro-controller firmware to full-fledged desktop applications. In recent years he's developed an expertise in embedded user interface design and development. He's also been involvement in the development of many class II & III medical devices and picked up the tribal knowledge unique to that field along the way.

Gunter Hauschildt – Senior Hardware Engineer

Gunter has been an electronics enthusiast since his grade school days - building guitar amplifiers and other gadgets. Now with 20 years of hands-on experience he has become an electronics jack-of-all trades: analog circuits, high-speed digital design, firmware & hardware design languages, design for agency approval, design to standards. He's been the senior technical lead on products ranging from nuclear medicine imaging devices, to telecom line cards, to mobile DVRs for harsh environment transportation markets, including transit and railway.

Collective Skillset

  • QNX 4.x and 6.x (neutrino) consulting. You won't find another group with more QNX experience in the industry.
  • Critical software system design such as is typically required in aerospace, medical, defence and industrial applications.
  • Drivers, architectural design, networking on most embedded platforms as well as with Linux, BSD & Solaris
  • Medical device development, validation, specifications
  • Analysis of software/hardware patents and IP
  • Embedded user interface design, focus groups, prototyping using various UI frameworks


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